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Public Relations

Strategi’s public relations is focused on developing, enhancing and protecting our client’s reputation. We understand the demands experienced by brands, businesses and causes operating in today’s connected, media saturated global economy. Strategi works closely with senior management and in-house communications teams to shape media strategy and manage the right message, at the right time, through the right channels.

Public Policy

Modern public policy can seem complicated and daunting. With a broad range of experience across the political and business spectrum, Strategi's team of advisors is ideally placed to offer high-level advice and successfully manage political engagement. We start with identification and analysis of the clients’ issues before creating and implementing a strategy that will provide a comprehensive solution.

Stakeholder Relations

Building a strong coalition of support is at the heart of great campaigns. In order to do this you need drive, creativity, and the appropriate strategic intelligence. Strategi has teamed up with one of the famous names in the stakeholder relations business to develop a strong joint offering to our clients.

The driving force

Mana Al Suwaidi

Executive chairman

Charismatic and innovative UAE national with over 20 years of expertise in the fields of bilateral commercial relations, senior management, international business, research & development, communications, marketing, event management, public relations and advanced technology.

With experience spanning the government sector, diplomatic missions and the private sector, Mana belongs to the pedigree of Emiratis cultivating the vision and framework of leadership, entrepreneurship and "glocalization".

Yaser Al Yaish

Chief Advisor

Yaser Al Yaish is a Strategic finance & corporate governance professional with 20 years of hands-on experience in the fields of business advisory, financial modeling, audit & forensic accounting.
During his career, Yaser had been in direct interactions with various levels of managements in numerous government entities, financial investments funds, airliners, oil and gas Corps, banks, and Legal offices. And have provided his services to several giants such as HSBC, ENBD, Emirates Airlines, and ENOC.
Yaser Gained my Bachelor’s in accounting from the University of Dubai in 2006, and Masters in applied finance and banking from the University of Wollongong in 2008, both of which are AACSB accredited institutions, and had taken the role of adjacent faculty for the accounting college in the University of Dubai
He is also a member of:

  • Member in Institute of Internal Auditors, USA since 2007
  • Member in American Academy of Financial Management, USA since 2006

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